A Little Something About Us

We provide businesses and organisations with the highest quality products as well as offer solutions as hosted services. Products, support and services are delivered with a cradle to the grave approach ensuring no stone is left unturned.

The Beginnings

William J England & Son Ltd (typically referred to as WJ England) was established in 1906 by the late William John England. The company had three main areas of operation. The product oriented line of business was the importation of core food supplies like flour and sugar, which were distributed across the Maltese islands through wholesalers, while Shipping and Insurance were the service oriented branch of the company. Keep reading to find out more about us.

What’s Happening Nowdays

William J England & Son Ltd operates in two main areas: Information Technology and Insurance.

The IT branch of the business focuses on online services, in particular Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Email HostingNetwork Monitoring, as well as Voice Over IP (VoIP) Services. The services are offered in two ways – managed and self-managed.

Our Plans in the Future

WJ England & Son LTD’s mission is to keep on providing the Maltese market with the highest quality technology-based services and hardware. We will keep on delivering the highest level of service and support using state of the art technology. Find out more about W J England & Sons by researching our clients. Our main focus and will continually adapt to client requirements.

Bottom Line

We handle all sorts of technical complexities so that you can focus on your core business. From gathering requirement to delivering fully fledged solutions, WJ England is your one stop shop for cost effective IT – without a trade off in quality.

Meet the Team


William England

Started off in the IT Industry as a programmer primarily utilizing Xenix basic running on SCO Unix. The arrival of Windows NT3.5 brought about the migration of various applications , affecting everything from SCO to Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro. These applications are further enhanced to this date handling the increasing demands of our customer base.


Peter England



Gabriella England

Accounts Department


Alberto Piras

Orders & Accounts


Mariana Delfino Negri

Inside Sales