Managed IT

Technology is ever changing. There are times which you may want to adopt new services but don’t know the exactly where to start. Let our managed IT services guide you through every step of the way.
managed it

When To Move To Managed-IT

  • Migrating from legacy systems
  • Strong focus on risk mitigation
  • Cost organization
  • Rapid change in business needs
  • Future proofing for growth and scalability

What is Managed IT?

It’s a service which operate in one of two ways, either on site or via hosted/cloud. The main difference with this service is that we make it our problem. Unlike IT support or consultancy, Managed IT is focused on managing the technical solution you currently have rather than designing or problem solving. By taking advatange of our technical know how, you will be able to save on software, hardware and staffing costs. You can fully enjoy our expertise, while transferring some of your capital expenditure to operational expenditure. While the focus of this service is technology it is still imperative for us to understand your business objectives and needs. We then leverage our experience and contact base in order to maximise your spending power.

Our Managed IT Services Include:

-Managed Networks
-Managed Workstations
-Managed E-mail
-Managed Security
-Managed Continuity
-Managed Backup
-Managed Hosting
-Managed Domain
-Managed Mobile

What next?

Got a question you want answered? Then please contact us today via email or call +356 21248205 and we can work with you to arrange a demonstration at your own convenience.