Snom VoIP phones in Malta and Gozo

Snom technologies offer a wide range of high-quality products that allow you to work in a variety of business locations and situations, including a hall, a reception area, a call center, a busy office, an executive suite, a warehouse or simply a remote office. Snom technologies provide you with connectivity to a variety of devices and technologies such as Bluetooth, Power Over Ethernet (POE), headsets and LAN.

Snom phones work for a variety of traffic levels, with features such as single calls, multiple line monitoring, conference calls, busy repeat calls, calls from known contacts, calls on hold, Do Not Disturb and call avoidance. Snom phones work for a variety of traffic levels.

Why WJ England for Snom VoIP Phones in Malta e Gozo?

The name William J England & Son Ltd being synonymous with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) through the renowned 3CX award winning software required the most technologically advanced voice quality devices to complement the its VOIP offer..

Snom, a German company that manufactures 3CX certified VoIP phones which also deliver a crisp audio experience, ended up being the ideal choice. Its devices feature innovative functions, that make them the most advanced products in the market, ensuring that customers have a powerful, flexible and versatile communication experience.

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Snom VoIP – Products

Snom D120

<span class="light">Snom</span> D120

Snom M90

<span class="light">Snom</span> M90

Snom M215

<span class="light">Snom</span> M215

Snom M900

<span class="light">Snom</span> M900

D7XX Series

Snom D710

<span class="light">Snom</span> D710

Snom D715

<span class="light">Snom</span> D715

Snom D7

<span class="light">Snom</span> D7

Snom D712

<span class="light">Snom</span> D712

Snom D725

<span class="light">Snom</span> D725

Snom D785

<span class="light">Snom</span> D785

Snom D717

<span class="light">Snom</span> D717

Snom D745

<span class="light">Snom</span> D745

Snom D765

<span class="light">Snom</span> D765

D3XX Series

Snom 305

<span class="light">Snom</span> 305

Snom 375

<span class="light">Snom</span> 375

Snom 315

<span class="light">Snom</span> 315

Snom D3

<span class="light">Snom</span> D3

Snom 345

<span class="light">Snom</span> 345




Extra Microphones

<span class="light">Extra</span> Microphones

Snom C520 – WiMi

<span class="light">Snom</span> C520 – WiMi

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