Network Monitoring

Remote Management Service

The Remote Management Service is the easy, affordable system for IT support and Managed Service Providers used by 4,000+ IT support companies worldwide and is the all in one solution for automatically monitoring your customers IT systems. GFI MAX helps you get on top of small problems before they become major disasters, giving your clients piece of mind, and helping you to deal with problems proactively and build service revenue.

Get going within minutes, proactively monitoring and managing your customers IT, with our easy and affordable solution.

Server & Network Monitoring

The Remote Management Service helps you monitor the most important aspects of your customer’s servers. Prevent tiny problems becoming major disasters by catching them early and let your customers know you are on the case, before they even know they have a problem. Within minutes you’ll be able to monitor the status of all your customer’s servers from a single dashboard: Disk, Services, Event Logs, Anti Virus, Backup and more.

Networks/connectivity monitoring

GFI MAX RemoteManagement provides a comprehensive range of Network Monitoring and Performance Management solutions to help you manage network performance more effectively with SNMP monitoring, network device connectivity checks, TCP service monitoring and network security.

Workstations monitoring

Downtimes with workstations can throw off your bottom line. Use GFI MAX RemoteManagement’s Workstation Monitoring feature to spot workstation problems before they start, including Event Log Checks, Antivirus Update Checks, and Hacker Checks, to alert you to a high rate of unauthorised login attempts.

Website monitoring

The Remote Management Service includes Website monitoring tools that can monitor both your customer’s website and specific web applications. Ensure that your customer’s web servers are active and available with the use of GFI MAX RemoteManagement PING check, and that web services are running an enabled on both HTTP (Port 80) and HTTPS (Port 443) servers.

Monitoring software patches

Unpatched software can hinder productivity and leave your client’s workstations and servers vulnerable. GFI MAX RemoteManagment Security Patch Management feature checks installed Microsoft Windows and Office applications are current and updated. Security Patch Management can also update Non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player and Java.

Performance monitoring

Keep your customer’s servers running at peak performance with our server performance checks alerting for disk space, drive space consumption, file sizes, network interface problems, and even CPU temperatures through the RemoteManagement console.

Server applications monitoring

Are your customer’s applications performing as designed? The Remote Management Service can check applications to see if they are working correctly. Use this function to watch over email, web, DHCP/login and database servers.

Line of business applications monitoring

Does your customer have a specific application that their business depends on? Use The Remote Managment Service to keep an eye on programs and applications that are most important for your client’s day to day operations.

Inventory and asset monitoring

Our extensive list of pre-loaded reports provides useful daily, weekly or monthly summaries, branded as your own, to help you show your value and create sales opportunities by spotting needed upgrades and hardware replacements. Run software reports to check for unlicensed software and boost your billings by helping to get your clients into compliance.