IT Audits & Infrastructure

In some cases, a system/ infrastructure audit could become an essential business requirement. We’ll work together to ensure that this process is completed in the most feasible and efficient method possible. Let us guide you through the audit process to make sure that those business requirements are taken care of.

How Our Auditing Services Help

Assuming you have the required and structured information required by an audit team then your audit should go quite smoothly, however this is not the case for most users. We can help you understand what’s needed and how best to tackle the issue.
  • Understand your existing setup- Unfortunately systems aren’t always very well documented. You could be part of the new management or perhaps you’ve acquired a new company. Whatever the case, we’re here to help
  • Optimize Performance- Slow system, network issues, high data volume etc. These are but a small percentage of all the possible variables which could be affecting the performance of your system.
  • Reduce IT support issues- Let us help you implement uniformity and standardization across your system in a way which will drastically reduce the frequency of your IT support and thus removing a dependency.
  • Security- Anti-virus implementation, network penetration testing, backdoor mitigation as well as a number of other security tools which your business would benefit from greatly
  • Get the best from your systems- Learn and grow from the results of our audit. Run your business better
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Our Auditing Process Typically Follows 3 Distinct Stages

1. Review meeting

A qualified senior member of our technical team will meet with you to fully understand how your business works, what your functional requirements are as well as work with you to realize what you wish to achieve from the audit process. They will also work to gain an in depth understanding of your current technical standpoint as well as perform gap analysis(to determine what is required to bring you from your current stage to your final one)

2. Performance of the Audit
Our qualified team will then put your system through it’s paces, figuring out where your system excels and where it suffers.

3. Presentation of reports and findings We will then produce a detailed report of our findings and outline the current position of your ICT systems, identifying any shortfalls and risks, and optionally suggest possible future improvements. This can identify whether or not, for example, everything is operating efficiently, your assets are safe, and whether ICT is contributing to your business objectives.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

We are able to help you in every stage of the infrastructure life cycle, all the way from initial planning, through to implementation and on to support.

What We Can Do:

-We can help to make sure that your ICT infrastructure is:
-Adheres to flexibility, and scalability best practices
-Prepped for physical office moves
-Supports business continuity and avoids disruption or disaster

What next?

Got a question you want answered? Then please contact us today via email or call +356 21248205 and we can work with you to arrange a demonstration at your own convenience.