Managed Domains

Managed domains make purchasing domains a secure process and ensures that the integrity of your website is maintained at all times.

The Often Overlooked Side of IT

Domain names are imperative aspects for any business. Unfortunately they are often seen as as being a simple and meagre task. What's most companies tend to forget however it is just how disastrous a mishap related to domains can be. In 2015 for example, an individual was able to purchase the domain. this was obviously an oversight from Google’s side. it was reported that Google settled financially for an undisclosed amount. Here are list of reasons why you should take Domain Name Management so seriously:
  • Should it ever fall into the wrong hands, your web presence would be instantly negated
  • Internal email system with fail without warning
  • Countless other reliance technological services would also fail as a result

Registration is Subject to Regular Renewal

Besides the risks mentioned above ensuring that renewal is made in a timely fashion is headache of its own. Should you will miss this responsibility there is a likelihood that it could be snatched up by a third party including your competitors. Furthermore any changes required to your domain registration details can be an extremely cumbersome process. It is for these reasons that William J England and Sons of the domain name management service.

Why William J England & Son for Domain Name Management?

The method in which we renew domains is entirely automated which means that you would never have to worry about your managed domains integrity ever again.

What Next?

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