Email Hosting

Take control of your own email account when using our web hosting plans. WJ Domains / England Domains offer you the opportunity to operate email accounts using the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols, as well as create an e-mail box using your own domain name hosted by us. Our advanced E-mail Manager allows you to set e-mail filters, anti-spam protection, catchall e-mails, mailing lists, SPF protection, auto-responders and more.

  • Using an E-mail Hosting Service
  • Free E-mail Hosting vs. Commercial E-mail Hosting
  • Premium E-mail Hosting Solution

Using an E-mail Hosting Service

In order to use a hosted email service you need an email provider. Whilst there are many websites that offer email services, they usually only allow you to create an email account of the type. Moreover, the quality, security and mailbox size offered oftentimes aren’t enough for a business or organization. Some even impose a limit on users concerning the number of emails sent per day!

We can offer you an e-mail hosting solution that is suitable for your needs and that will provide you with the requirements and security that is expected and needed for a business or organisation.

Free E-mail Hosting vs. Commercial E-mail Hosting

Free email services gain popularity every day; with a great list of features provided, free email hosting solutions are a good solution for personal email correspondence. However, free email services are typically not suitable for a business because, unlike commercial email hosting services, most free email services are only accessible at the provider’s website and therefore do not offer the professional touch that a business email needs. Furthermore free email providers cannot guarantee the security and reliability of the services they provide and lack the technical support that is often required by businesses.

Email hosting services provided by web hosting companies are fully featured making them the ideal solution for any business. With an email hosting service included in the hosting plans, customers are allowed to run personal or business e-correspondence on a server with much higher levels of reliability and security. A commercial email hosting service also allows customers to create mail boxes at their own domains, to forward emails, to use auto-responder features and more. These features give a business a more professional look and user experience, even if your organisation is a one-man show.

Premium E-mail Hosting Solution

WJ Domains / England Domains offer a high quality email hosting service. Choose from of our email hosting plans to select the one that best suits your needs. Each of our hosting plans gives you the opportunity to create email accounts using the domain hosted by yourself, for example, offers security and various email features. Depending on the web hosting plan you choose, you can create between 10 and an unlimited number of email addresses and send up to 300 emails per hour.

Our email hosting service is secure and reliable and offers various email features such as Email Forwarding, Mailing Lists, a Catch-all emails option, mail filters, and an Auto-responder function, as well as Anti-spam, Anti-virus and SPF protection.

Read more about our Premium E-mail hosting and purchasing options.