Active and passive network equipment

Whether it be home, SOHO, SMB or Enterprise, we will provide you with the right combination of networking equipment that will perform to the highest standards beyond your expectations. The daily ever growing needs in the ICT world have become endless and thus intelligence, functionality and scalability are key elements which we are to attend to daily, whether it be in the health, entertainment, hospitality sectors… you name it! Today, active network components are the basis of an efficient infrastructure which provide the seamless daily operations and routines.

In addition how many times have we heard of network infrastructure failures? or can’t seem to trace the network points and cables? Spend endless time diagnosing on substandard network installations ? How many times have you faced such situations?

Having meticulously analysed your network requirements is an essential part in planning, however implementing network installations with literal patch work is the point of failure. Ensure that you have robust and reliable components which you are able to passively think about again!

Why WJ England for active and passive network equipment?

William J England’s expertise in Unified Communications field has brought together the provision of both active and passive components which we distribute through our Resellers that serve the industry with indispensable superb technology provided by world renown manufacturers dedicated to serving the industry… definitely an ace solution to serve!

Patton VoIP Gateway – Products

Patton 4110 Series

<span class="light">Patton</span> 4110 Series

Patton 4630 Series

<span class="light">Patton</span> 4630 Series

Patton 4120 Series

<span class="light">Patton</span> 4120 Series

Patton 4970 Voip Gateway

<span class="light">Patton</span> 4970 Voip Gateway

Patton 4300 Series

<span class="light">Patton</span> 4300 Series

Cisco – Products

Switches Series SG200

<span class="light">Switches</span> Series SG200

Switches Series SG300

<span class="light">Switches</span> Series SG300

SPA 112 Phone Adapter

<span class="light">SPA</span> 112 Phone Adapter

Synergy – Products

Patch Cables CAT6 – 0.25 m

<span class="light">Patch</span> Cables CAT6 – 0.25 m

Patch Cables CAT6 – 2.0 m

<span class="light">Patch</span> Cables CAT6 – 2.0 m

Patch Cables CAT6 – 0.5 m

<span class="light">Patch</span> Cables CAT6 – 0.5 m

Patch Cables CAT6 – 3.0 m

<span class="light">Patch</span> Cables CAT6 – 3.0 m

Patch Cables CAT6 – 1.0 m

<span class="light">Patch</span> Cables CAT6 – 1.0 m

Our Resellers