Managed Hosting

Whether you’re after VM’s, application, or hosting hardware for co-location, hybrid or cloud hosting, we have a managed hosting solution for you. Find out exactly how we can help you today.

What is “Hosting”?

Hosting encompasses a wide range of IT related technologies. The commonalty here is that it involves running these services in an external geographical location. Hosting anything off site makes most people very skeptical but it does have a world of benefits to offer you. Performance, scalability and flexibility are just a few to say the least. It buzzwords tend to leave quite an impact on the market, recently it was “big data”, that term has been outshone by “the cloud” It’s generally used to describe hosted applications or software. “Co-location” is generally used to cover hosted hardware or virtual computers, but also hosted web sites that are running on them. You can often find these services under “Data Center” as well. “Hybrid” uses your existing IT infrastructure coupled with some external hosting tools.

What we cover

Here at William J England & Son we offer a full portfolio of Managed Hosting services, covering the full span of options including:
  • Cloud
  • Co-location (or “colo”)
  • Data Centre
  • Hybrid
  • Hardware hosting
  • Hosted virtual machines and servers (VMs)
  • Telephony options (such as SIP)
  • Remote storage, remote applications, remote desktops
  • Other hosted applications eg email and mailboxes, backup, web sites, threat management, and security
Our key differentiator is the quality of service and the advice that comes with it. We also cover those important details, like domain name management, that are part and parcel of managing hosted services.

Who Will Benefit From Managed Hosting?

Small and large businesses alike can benefit from hosting. The scalability, flexibility and cost effectivity of managed hosting is something which suits all types of businesses. If you support the green movement, hosting may also be for you. The system utilized in for these kinds of services have an extremely low carbon footprint.

What Next?

Got a question you want answered? Then please contact us today via email or call +356 21248205 and we can work with you to arrange a demonstration at your own convenience.