Our Heritage

Corporate Heritage

William J England & Son Ltd (typically referred to as WJ England) was established in 1906 by the late William John England. The company had three main areas of operation. The product oriented line of business was the importation of core food supplies like flour and sugar, which were distributed across the Maltese islands through wholesalers, while Shipping and Insurance were the service oriented branch of the company. While our heritage did not originate in IT, we are extremely proud that we have been able to adapt.

WJ England Post-World War II

In the post World War II years the product line was extended to include blankets and carpets, where the company was the sole agent for a number of iconic brands. As the customer base expanded, further growth was achieved via a large distribution chain across the islands, with ceramic tiling for domestic and commercial use being added in the early ‘60s, with the company representing top brands like Ricchetti and Fendi.

As growth continued, Henry P England was the lead person for the shipping and insurance operations while his brother Paul W England pushed ahead with the tiling and soft furnishings side.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s the company realised that technology was going to bring on major changes in business operations and therefore invested in IT to improve internal working methods.

In 1981, the coming into force of the Insurance Business Act required insurance operations to be managed in a highly regulated environment and separately from other corporate structures. To handle this requirement, the insurance operations were migrated to a sister company, England Insurance Agency Limited. Paul W England took over the chair as Henry P England chaired the newly formed company.

In the early 1990s, at the advent of cellular technology, the company was appointed as the local distributor for Fonerange, Elite Mobile and European Telecom among others, becoming a lead importer, distributor and retailer of cellular goods and accessories.

The year 2000 saw many changes within the group with Henry and Paul England retiring from daily duties within the company, retaining the role of consultants to the Group. They were, in turn, succeeded by William J England and Peter E England.

Meanwhile, an unexpected change to insurance legislation required that long term insurance policies be transacted separately from the agency, bringing an insurance element back into the business mix.

The company recognised the increasing potential of the internet and, more specifically, the need for facilities for an online presence, including Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Network Monitoring, and more. Wanting to assist as many clients as possible, the company determined two methods to offer their services – managed and self-managed thus setting up WJ Domains. Always in search of new markets and challenges, our internal telecommunication requirements led us to look into Voice Over IP.

Today, Peter England handles the insurance operations within the company and its sister company England Insurance Agency Ltd , while William J England focuses on growing the core IT business for the company.

A hundred years in the making, William J England & Son Ltd is a leading IT solutions company, offering products and services to fit the needs of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). William J England & Son Ltd remains firmly committed to offering affordable quality products and reliable support to its growing customer base on a round the clock basis via a dedicated team of professionals.