Grandstream IP Phones

Grandstream offer a wide range of phones to allow you to have the perfect solution for your business. Grandstream offers solutions for High End IP Phones, with the GXP2100 series, designed for users who are often on the phone and need access to advanced features, line support and usability options.

The GXP1700 series of Mid-Range IP Phones, indeed, was designed for growing businesses with the competitive price that you need. This series offers a great addition to any desktop thanks to its sleek, high-end design coupled with a variety of mid-range productivity tools that keep users efficient and productive.

In addition Grandstream offers a simple, intuitive solution for Basic IP Phones with GXP1600 series for the user who needs access to VoIP but does not require advanced features.

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Grandstream Phone – Products

High End IP Phones

GXP 2170

<span class="light">GXP</span> 2170

GXP 2135

<span class="light">GXP</span> 2135

GXP 2140

<span class="light">GXP</span> 2140

GXP 2130 V2

<span class="light">GXP</span> 2130 V2

GXP 2160

<span class="light">GXP</span> 2160

Basic IP Phones

GXP 1630

<span class="light">GXP</span> 1630

GXP 1610

<span class="light">GXP</span> 1610

GXP 1628

<span class="light">GXP</span> 1628

GXP 1620/1625

<span class="light">GXP</span> 1620/1625