Grandstream offer a wide range of products to allow you to have the perfect solution for your business. Grandstream offers a wide range of products for your security with the GXV3600 HD IP cameras which guarantee high quality, easy setup, deploy and manage, offering a proactive security system to keep a user’s facility secured and protected.

offers also solutions for High End IP Phones, with the GXP2100 series, designed for users who are often on the phone and need access to advanced features, line support and usability options.

Why WJ England for Grandstream products?

At any level, quality and price are always major contributing factors to decision making. That is why at WJ England & Son Ltd, we have focused on bringing the Grandstream advanced technological products to the market, whether it be for IP Telephony or Surveillance security at very affordable prices without compromising quality.
Our Resellers will vouch for it – ask them to give you a quote and you will be amazed !

IP Cameras

IP Phones