3CX Features

This software is inclusive of feature that you would expect to find in enterprise class software. It has the power that traditional systems possess with some key features which is why this software is revered so well amongst our clients.

Options which are available to our clients are local installations vs remote installation. This is not an extra however, all of this and more are included in the 3CX package. Traditional systems are hardware based. 3CX is different, it entirely software based meaning scalability is something you will never need to worry about or fear.

Since the market is taking so well to this software it has the resources to upgrade it by streamlining existing features while adding additional ones. A recent feature allows you to integrate 3CX with your CRM system, effectively boosting your sales team.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced flexibility as well significantly more options than traditional PBX Phone systems

  • Simple design, so you have total control

  • Take your number with you – Your work number and your personal number can be totally separate, all from a single phone.

  • The majority of calls are free of charge, therefore communication costs can be reduced by up to a staggering 70%

  • Add and remove extensions as you please – licensing fee’s aren’t based on number of users

  • Open standards – You’re free to choose from whichever supplier you like

  • Supports popular IP phones

3CX Key features

3CX being the easy software that it is come in two versions, Standard and Pro. The Standard version is already fully featured and is suitable for most businesses.

The Pro version comes with a host of advanced features many of which are designed for businesses who are based around calls such as call-centres or customer service departments.

The following features as standard in both versions:

3CX Standard Features   

General Features

Call Management Features

Unified Comms Features

Caller Display

Auto attendant

Web / video conferencing

Fax Support

Call routing (DID)transfer

Conference calling

Intercom & paging

Blind / attended transfer

Conference rooms

Call recording

Call forwarding

See presence of colleagues

Music on hold

Caller screening / ID

Voice to email

Central phone book

Call logging

Fax to email as PDF

Call by name

Call queuing

Integrated fax server

Call reporting

Call waiting

Integrate external offices

Plug & play provisioning

Call parking & pickup

Missed call email notification

Backup/restore PBX

Message waiting indicator

Advanced forwarding rules

Supports popular IP phones


Outlook support

Web based management

Supports VoIP & SIP

Queue management

3CX Pro Edition Bonus Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the 3CX Pro Edition offers additional advanced call centre features, superior call reporting capability as well as integration with Microsoft Exchange.

3CX Pro also extends the unified communications capabilities of the Standard Edition across multiple office sites.

3CX Pro Call Centre Features


Customer hang up & retain queue position

Advanced reporting

Customer call back when agent available

Real time queue stats

Call back notification emails to supervisor

Monitor queue status

Round robin queue

Review no of callers in queue

Longest waiting queue

Log agents in & out of queues

Least talk time queue

Advanced agent stats

Fewest answered queue

Time that agents logged in/out of queue

Hunt by threes – Random / prioritised queue

Review No of answered/unanswered calls

SLA alerts

Average & longest wait time

Listen in / whisper / barge in

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