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Smart Technologies Ltd

Smart Technologies Ltd. grew gradually but surely to become one of the leading IT companies on the island. In fact, it is considered to be the single leading Equipment Leasing and Outsourcing company. Founded in 2008, the company developed from an innovative idea which aimed to focus on providing IT equipment, and today serves as the typical first choice for many looking to acquire equipment in a flexible way.

The company built its reputation for reliability and flexibility by providing consistent, professional service through custom IT packages including only the most modern equipment. Technology obsolescence is not an issue to worry about with Smart Technologies, as we have a solution for everything with the option of renting and leasing.

Technology is an ever-changing phenomenon, so the importance of being flexible has never been this great. Our programs are developed specifically to suit your needs and help you get ahold of the best possible solution for your company.

Smart Technologies Ltd arose from what we saw to be a market need. In such a competitive market, startups struggle to stay ahead without access to new technology – a problem which emerges for various reasons such as lack of capital. But with us, this process is made not only possible but easy and flexible for our clients to get up and running, fully equipped with all their IT needs. It doesn’t stop there, either. We will oversee all your requirement and monitor our services closely to pick up on anything that needs enhancing.

We are a team of experts committed to the cause of sustaining your company by partnering up with the best in the industry, giving you effective, flexible options for your IT solutions. As a company, we strive to excel and stay one step ahead of technological advancement, and we are not evolving turning tides where need be. We understand that this industry requires us to constantly evolve, and we’ve taken this fact to heart – and we are all the better for it.

Smart Technologies are certified resellers for;

3CX PhoneSystem
3CX Hotel

Solorwinds MaxRemote Management
Solarwinds MaxBackup
Solarwinds MaxMail