Snom MeetingPoint

Optimized for your conference room

    MeetingPoint enables up to five parties to join a conference call from different locations. Perfectly designed for use in middle to large conference rooms, it offers reliable suppression of background noise and maintains high voice quality even for telephone conferences in groups up to 10.

    Three speakers equipped with full duplex broadband audio provide balanced and full sound. Integrated microphones ensure that call participants feel as if they are sitting in the neighboring office. MeetingPoint has the advantages and flexibility of a Snom desk phone, such as high security combined with CTI and SIP identities. The graceful styling of MeetingPoint integrates seamlessly into your VoIP infrastructure.

Quick Summary:

    – Full duplex broadband sound technology
    – 3-way conference calls
    – Recording range up to 30 m² room area or 10 participants
    – Simultaneous access to internal and external telephone books (LDAP)
    – Connection for add-on microphones for a larger recording range
    – Multiple SIP registrations
    – Broadband quality by G.722
    – Security: OpenVPN SIPS/SRTP, TLS SIP RFC3261 NAT: STUN, ICE