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Maximize Productivity and Quality with MSP Take Control

As an IT service business owner, you know the importance of keeping tabs on productivity and quality. Boosting productivity means you get the most out of your employees’ time and increases profits. And providing quality service keeps your customers renewing their contracts. SolarWinds® MSP Take Control™ gives you the tools you need to keep your service department healthy. From a single admin interface you can configure user permissions that enforce your security policies and help keep customer information safe, review session recordings for quality control, and you can even view a breakdown of productivity for each of your technicians.


Support queue: Assign individual technicians and departments to specific customers so new support requests are automatically funneled to the right employees.
Branding: Set colors and logos for your business to keep your brand front-and-center. The system will use your logo as the graphic for a support request button on your customer’s desktop as well as via a system tray icon.
Website support: If you’d like to send customers to your website instead of, the system can generate code for a support request button that you can place on your site.
User management: Set up and manage accounts and permissions for your technicians and departments.

Quality Control:

Reporting: Review the effectiveness of your service operation with clear reports on session histories, device audits, technician performance and productivity, and more.
Session recordings: Watch recordings of support sessions—whether for quality control or for troubleshooting. Additionally, you can set up your system to automatically record all sessions or keep them optional.
Transcripts: Review complete chat histories by customer or technician.