SolarWinds – Behind The Scenes Support

Make Service Convenient by Providing Support without Interrupting the User

Whenever possible, you should try to minimize the disruption to your users when providing tech support. If you can solve problems and perform maintenance in the background while your customer continues to work, all the better. SolarWinds® MSP Take Control™ provides a complete set of tools that allow you to maintain and work on a customer’s computer without needing to talk to them directly. Jump into the system via the bash shell, transfer files silently, and call the system manager to view CPU usage or kill processes, all from a single lightweight system that keeps performance high for you and your customers.

Easy Unattended Support:

File transfers: Silently upload files to a user’s system, including scripts that fix issues in the background.
System management: Open the system control console for your customer’s workstation to easily diagnose computer and network issues, check event logs, review or kill processes, and more.
Bash shell: Use the remote command line to perform operations in the background, including issuing PowerShell commands.
Lightweight client: MSP Take Control has a light resource footprint, so your customers’ systems keep running smoothly while you work in the background.