N-able – Active Discovery

Discover and Manage Devices as They Come on Your Networks

Active discovery provides a broad view of all devices connected to any of your networks. New devices are continually being added to your networks, some of which the users themselves may not even be aware. Active discovery helps to ensure that any new device on a network can be found and properly managed before it becomes an issue. Not only does this allow for better security and governance, it helps you make sure you’ve accounted for all of your clients’ devices so you can bill properly and spot areas for additional revenue.


Device discovery: Monitor all of your networks and easily search for devices.
Details: Discover and categorize the devices connected to each managed subnet and obtain details such as MAC address, IP, operating system, version, and hostname.
Active Directory monitoring: SolarWinds® Remote Monitoring & Management provides complete Active Directory monitoring tools so you can handle issues in any Windows network before they cause greater problems.
Connection logs: See when devices come online and when they disconnect from the network.
Additional security: Prevent exposure to unmanaged devices, such as personal devices, that might compromise your network. This keeps your users more secure and allows you to better enforce your customers’ bring-your-own-device policies.

Advanced Monitoring Agent

By automating the search and discovery of all devices on your networks, active discovery not only protects the devices you know about but also allows you to remotely install the Advanced Monitoring Agent on new eligible devices. This agent lets you track details such as event logs, storage space, and service checks, among other items. You can also apply alerts and tasks that are triggered by events to keep you aware of everything going on across your networks.

The Advanced Monitoring Agent is quick and easy to install—it runs a series of preliminary checks to check if devices are able to receive the agent, helping to eliminate failed install attempts.