SolarWinds – Scheduling

Simplify Logistics with Simple Scheduling for IT Service Providers

Scheduling your workforce can be a hassle. When you have multiple customers with multiple sites, it can become increasingly tough to keep track of everything and ensure you have the right people assigned to the appropriate tickets. SolarWinds® MSP Manager’s™ scheduling feature makes assigning (and updating) your workforce a snap. Whether you’re looking to find available engineers or you just want an easy way to communicate a change, we’ve got you covered.

Schedule Your Workforce Easily

Add appointments in seconds: Adding a new calendar appointment is as easy as clicking a button and adding a few key details. And should you need to change times, you can drag and drop and it will update within MSP Manager and export to linked calendars.
Add the details in one spot: With any appointment, you can associate a ticket, consultant name, customer name and time, subject, and location, and then add any other important details.
Track appointments as billable time: Most on-site client time is billable. As a result, you can save your technicians the hassle of creating a ticket and just log the appointment as billable time.
Sync with other calendars: Once you’ve added an appointment, the system automatically generates an iCal appointment, which can export to other calendar systems like Outlook or Google Calendar.
View all appointments: Quickly check your personal appointments or filter to view other engineers’ scheduled appointments in a single, clear interface. This makes it simple for you to prevent your workforce from being overbooked or underbooked.

Provide Outstanding Service

Organize your week: View appointments on the MSP Manager calendar or, if necessary, rapidly add a new appointment. This creates an iCal file that can be used with other calendar programs.
Access detailed customer information: View contacts, locations, and ticket histories for any customer. Technicians can even map out their appointments for the day to optimize their travel route.
View all device and system information: Quickly see serial numbers, software licenses, passwords, ticket history, and more right from your smartphone or tablet.
Check standard procedures and setups: Access routine procedures or configurations from a centralized knowledge center for your company. This lets you more efficiently perform common, repeatable tasks.