SolarWinds – Customer Management

Keep All of Your Customer Knowledge in One IT Service Management System

Which clients make the most money for you? Which take up the most time? Is someone close to exceeding their monthly SLAs? SolarWinds® MSP Manager™ helps you answer these questions by organizing all of your customer information in business management dashboards. You can easily keep track of everything you need to know about a customer, including contacts within the organization, contracts, rates, knowledge, ticket histories, billing information, and more. It’s all organized into an intuitive system that makes the entire process of onboarding new customers and managing current clients hassle-free.

Store All Customer Knowledge

Knowledge management
: You can store passwords, procedures, serial numbers, expiration dates, servers, networks, and asset information on each customer’s account.
Contact information: Store information for the contact person at each client location, including name, title, email, and phone number. You can also assign specific engineers to individual customers, helping to ensure that ticket request are routed to the appropriate technician.
Locations: Enter one or more locations for each client. This can then be used to generate a map or directions, making it easy for your technicians to travel to on-site visits using their smartphones.

Standardize Billing

Service items: Set up and associate service items for each of your customers, allowing the system to automatically calculate invoices based on the correct rates. You can break each service item down by flat fee, hourly, or project based rates, and you can also set up monthly or hourly retainer contracts.
Flexible rates: Enter hourly rates as needed whenever a new request comes up that’s outside of your pre-set contractual work.