SolarWinds – Billing

Streamline Your Billing with Batch Invoicing

It shouldn’t take days to complete your billing cycle at the end of each month. SolarWinds® MSP Manager™helps reduce the amount of time you’ll spend each month on billing. With accurate time tracking for all support tickets, you’ll rest easy knowing that your invoices are correct, which reduces possible billing disputes. Additionally, the system allows for batch invoice generation and export, helping to ensure that your end-of-month billing cycle goes smoother than ever.

Simplify Billing—and Get Paid Faster

Batch export: When a billing cycle begins, you can generate invoices for everyone with an outstanding balance in just a few simple clicks. Additionally, you can filter criteria for billing batches in case you prefer to bill for only certain customers (such as everyone on a retainer contract, for example).
Sample invoices: Outside of the batch process, you can also create sample invoices to preview a client’s invoice before it’s generated.

Clear, Accurate Billing

Accurate billing: Each invoice is exported based on the time tracked by your engineers and the rates you set for service items to promote accuracy and reduce billing questions.
Detailed and clear invoices: Each invoice includes detailed information on all service items, tickets, time entries, and expenses so your clients know what they’re paying for in the event of a billing dispute.
Accounting software integrations: MSP Manager integrates with several major accounting software packages, allowing you to export your invoices to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero in a single batch.