SolarWinds – Support for Office 365

Enhance Security and Uptime for Office 365

When it comes to the integrity, availability, and security of email, you can’t afford to rely on a single provider. SolarWinds® MSP Mail offers outstanding solutions that filter out spam and malware, archive historical emails, and provide continued access to email should you suffer from an Office 365 outage.

Enhanced Protection

Deep defense: MSP Mail updates its multiple antivirus engines in near real time and uses custom heuristic analysis rules to help further eliminate email-borne attacks and enhance the default Office 365 security.
Improved spam protection: Fine-tune your spam filters, including enabling digest messages and setting specific parameters with MSP Mail for different users within the organization.
Advanced archiving: MSP Mail provides an encrypted, tamper-proof, and secure email archive.

Full Protection in Minutes

Email service redundancy: Adding a separate email continuity service enables customers to avoid outages that may otherwise impact their business.
Simple integration: Office 365 users can take advantage of MSP Mail simply and easily by redirecting their MX records to our systems. This adds all of our functionality to your mail service without disrupting your Office 365 mail flow.

Compliant and Scalable

Comprehensive storage: Deploying MSP Mail alongside Office 365 cloud storage will help to ensure that your email communications are scanned and stored regardless of any Office 365 storage and regardless of any changes to the active accounts within Office 365.
Scalablility and security: We offer email processing and cloud storage at geographically distributed data centers, while also supporting regional regulations that mandate message storage within the customer’s broad geographic area.

Support for Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange: SolarWinds MSP Mail supports on-premises versions of Outlook via Microsoft Exchange. You get the same level of security and spam protection no matter whether your infrastructure is cloud-based or on-premises.
Improved continuity: MSP Mail provides a cloud-based interface for those running Microsoft Exchange. This allows users to continue sending and receiving email even if physical servers crash.