SolarWinds – Service Infrastructure

Experience the Benefits of a Reliable and Secure Cloud-Based Email Infrastructure

For many companies, the journey to the cloud began years ago. Today, cloud service providers take care of many critical services for their customers, and few services are as crucial as email security. A secure, cloud-based email gateway service removes many of the costs, concerns, and complexities associated with on-premises email solutions, including the setup, management, and monitoring of secure email servers. SolarWinds® MSP Mail is not an alternative to a primary email inbox. Instead, it provides a cloud-based complement to the company’s email service for reliable, consistent delivery archiving and retrieval of email and taking care of security, compliance, and governance needs.


Multiple data centers: MSP Mail’s secure off-site infrastructure uses multiple data centers to protecting business email from threats and broad network outages. These data centers are globally distributed, enabling European customers to comply with EU storage and processing regulations.
Reliable infrastructure: SolarWinds MSP Mail’s network and software architecture were built for both efficiency and reliability—including the use of multiple MX entries, redundant load balancers, and fault-tolerant server clusters.
Easy setup: MSP Mail removes the hard work required to install, configure, and monitor an on-premises secure email server.


Secure access: On-premises solutions are only as secure as the office that they’re stored in. MSP Mail uses hardened data centers with tight physical controls along with numerous electronic safeguards to stop unauthorized people from gaining access to business data.
Encryption: MSP Mail encrypts all email with the AES 128-bit encryption standards, both in motion and at rest —including historical emails and emails in transit—to make it much harder for attackers trying to snoop on customer communications.

Cost Effectiveness

Simple and predictable pricing: SolarWinds MSP Mail uses a clear, predictable subscription pricing model that’s much easier to work with than complicated software licensing costs and unknown long-term hardware costs typical of on-premises solutions.
Modular functionality: You can easily add new services like archiving capabilities for a transparent fee, without the complex project planning needed in an on-premises environment.
Reduced capital expenditure: Deploying a cloud-based, secure email gateway and archive service like MSP Mail eliminates the need for expensive up-front hardware investments or complicated on-premises subscription management.