SolarWinds – Email Protection

Protect Your Business from Malware, Phishing, and Other Email-Borne Threats

Email is the lifeblood of business communication. Unfortunately, email also opens businesses to all kinds of threats, ranging from phishing attacks to malware. SolarWinds® MSP Mail is critical to a layered security approach and helps substantially reduce the risks. With a unique combination of anti-malware engines, it provides an effective line of defense against spam and email-borne malware threats and helps ensure your business has secure email at the ready..

Reduce Spam

Fingerprinting: MSP Mail compares incoming messages against characteristics of known spam messages to identify spam, phishing, and other negative emails.
Advanced analysis: The technology assesses the authenticity of a message by analyzing the headers, message encoding and formatting, and other characteristics of emails that users often don’t see, checking for clues about who sent the email and how.
Real-time message source analysis: MSP Mail constantly checks the patterns and volumes of email flow from the source mail servers to detect whether someone is actively spamming the organization.

Detect and Delete Threats

Multiple virus engines: Help keep email secure by using a unique combination of multiple antivirus engines to keep out hackers who tailor their attacks to circumvent scanners.
Emerging threat detection: Protect the network against new, emerging email threats with zero-hour pattern-based detection that identifies malware in its early stages, even before new virus signatures are developed.
Geographical filtering: Block email traffic from customer-defined countries. This helps organizations that, for compliance reasons, must block traffic from embargoed countries.
Attachment blocking: Because most harmful files are transmitted as attachments, SolarWinds MSP Mail allows administrators to control how messages with attachments of certain file types are handled, so infected attachments don’t even reach the customer’s server.

Easy Administration

Blacklisting: Add email addresses to your own blacklist to block unwanted messages.
Whitelisting: Put trusted senders on your whitelist so their emails will not be flagged as spam.
Quarantining: Quarantined emails are summarized in digests and accessible from a web-based portal, so you can recover any vital messages that might have tripped a spam filter.
Secure, cloud-based email: All email is scanned remotely in the cloud, blocking spam and malicious attachments before they reach the infrastructure.