SolarWinds – Mailbox Continuity

Keep Sending and Receiving Email Even If Your Primary Email Server Fails

Employees need a solid and reliable email continuity service to help keep email available when disaster strikes and equipment or cloud services fail. SolarWinds® MSP Mail’s cloud-based secure email gateway exists independently of a company’s existing email systems, analyzing and filtering emails before they ever reach a company’s primary mail servers. This makes it possible for MSP Mail to maintain email continuity for businesses when their primary email service fails.

Increased Reliability

Email continuity: Inevitably, at some point your primary email service will fail. MSP Mail users can still check, send, and receive email using a web-based interface, all at no extra cost.
Lower risk: The use of an additional service provider using a separate infrastructure helps to ensure that you don’t rely on a single point of failure.
Distributed infrastructure: MSP Mail uses multiple distributed data centers around the world to process and queue customer emails and protect them from server or network outages.

Smoother Business Operations

E-discovery: All businesses will at some point rely on an email to prove something was or was not addressed, did or did not happen. MSP Mail’s continuity feature helps ensure that nothing critical is lost during a service outage.
Better uptime: Business downtime means lost opportunity. MSP Mail’s 24/7 email continuity service lets employees continue serving customers and winning new ones even during a disaster.
Improved workforce productivity: Email continuity helps reduce IT staff stress during primary email service outages. It keeps the workforce productive while the IT staff scrambles to fix the issues.

Toughen Up Your Technology

Support during local network outages: Even if your on-premises mail server is working, other issues on local networks can create problems and interfere with access to email. A cloud-based email continuity service avoids any problems with your local infrastructure and helps keep email available.
No need for expensive fault-tolerant hardware: On-premises systems need failover hardware and multiple sites to be truly protected. That can be a costly endeavor. SolarWinds MSP Mail’s cloud-based solution eliminates that cost for email infrastructures.