SolarWinds – Mail Archiving

Stay Compliant and Keep the Business Safe with a Tamper-Proof Email Archive

Email archiving is simply good governance for all businesses. It protects businesses against disputes and ensures that intellectual property stored in email remains secure and easily retrievable. Additionally, companies in heavily regulated industries such as finance are often required by law to keep copies of their email communications. In the event of a legal dispute, simply keeping copies of email files in a folder or in a backup solution isn’t enough. Legal procedure requires a clear chain of custody if email evidence is to hold any weight. SolarWinds® MSP Mail’s archive solution provides this chain, offering you security, compliance, and peace of mind.


Secure off-site storage: MSP Mail’s archive stores archived email in the cloud, backing it up across multiple secure, geographically distributed data centers to protect customers from unforeseen disasters.
Security as a priority: The archive capability stores customer emails in an encrypted format to protect them from prying eyes. Additionally, all transfers of messages into and out of the archive use secure communication protocols.
Tamper-proof: MSP Mail compresses customer mails when archiving them, electronically sealing the records with a checksum that makes them tamper-proof. This verifies the authenticity of the emails, helping the legal team to establish the integrity of messages within the archive.
Compliant: Archived messages are stored in multiple data centers either in North America or Europe, depending on the location of the company. The geographic clustering enables European customers to comply with EU-based regulations on processing and storage of their messages.

Advanced Search

Automatic indexing: MSP Mail’s archive stores a range of data points including date, sender, recipient, body text, and even the text in the attachments, making it easy to find and retrieve emails when needed.
Data tagging: Tag search results either individually or in bulk to make it easier to save and retrieve a set of emails in the future.
Logs: When messages are found, they can be exported or forwarded out of the archive as attachments. These activities are carefully logged, which helps to preserve the chain of custody and satisfy the legal team.

Third-Party Integration

Office 365: MSP Mail’s cloud-based model enables it to augment Microsoft’s online Office 365 service with a fully independent archive, with message retention capabilities that can extend beyond Microsoft’s own.
Support for multiple formats: Existing emails can be easily imported to MSP Mail’s archives. It supports Exchange’s PST format as well as MBOX and EML formats.
Compatibility with both cloud and on-premises archives: MSP Mail’s archive feature is platform agnostic and compatible with any on-premises or cloud-based email infrastructure including Office 365 and Google Apps.