SolarWinds – Exchange Support

Get Better Security, Better Performance, and Better Uptime for Exchange Server

For years, Microsoft Exchange email server has been the industry standard. And even though many organizations have shifted to Office 365, businesses often still run Exchange servers in-house. For those companies, having a cloud-based email gateway and archiving service like SolarWinds® MSP Mail can enhance their on-premises Exchange servers performance and reliability. MSP Mail provides outstanding security, reliability, and performance to complement your Exchange server.

Best-in-Class Security

Off-site filtering: MSP Mail filters and analyzes emails before they reach your systems so you limit your exposure to email-borne threats.
Top antivirus engines: Leverage a combination of top antivirus engines and zero-hour detection for email-borne malware to enhance the default Microsoft email security features.
Pattern-based scans: Protect against emerging threats with a system that detects patterns common to spam and malware.
Real-time message source analysis: During times of high email volume, MSP Mail automatically analyzes the message source to assess whether it’s legitimate mail or a spammer trying to hijack systems.
Authenticity checks: MSP Mail analyzes headers, SMTP conversation details, message encoding, and formatting, as well as other characteristics to keep out fraudulent emails.

Improved Server Performance

Enhanced speed: MSP Mail handles spam and malware filtering so you free up resources on your Exchange email server.
Manage Data: Transferring older data out of your live email environment to a service such as SolarWinds MSP Mail reduces the overall size of the Exchange information store, increasing your Exchange platform’s performance.
Capacity Management: Email is taking up a lot more storage space—not just from email volume, but also from the size of attachments. Moving to a cloud-based solution such as MSP Mail helps ensure the live exchange platform does not run out of space.
Improved internet bandwidth: By handling email processing using an external vendor, your internet usage decreases and bandwidth and speed improves for the rest of the organization.
Extended server life: By keeping the processing load low, you’ll spend less on replacement servers.

True Continuity

24/7 access: There are only two types of Exchange email servers—those that have failed and those that will. MSP Mail is managed via a cloud-based dashboard that allows users to continue sending and receiving and retrieving emails even when the Exchange server is down. This offers true continuity, unlike email gateways that simply queue messages.
No additional cost: This 24/7 email continuity is built into the product without any additional charge to you.

Secure Data Storage

Advanced Encryption Standards (AES): All data is encrypted with the AES 128-bit encryption standards, both in motion and at rest.
Redundant, geographically distributed storage: Archived messages are stored in multiple globally located data centers.
Read-only format: All messages are stored in read-only format and are digitally signed to ensure the integrity of the original message and metadata.

Simple, Predictable, and Scalable Pricing

Zero capital investment: Because the product is 100% based in the cloud, there is no hardware or upfront capital investment required.
Predictable costs: Costs are linked to the number of mailboxes used. You pay only for what you need.
Additional Services: If needed, you can add a complete mail archive or mail protection service on demand. These follow the same per-mailbox pricing model.