SolarWinds – Vulnerability Scanning

Locate Security Holes in Your Systems

These days, hackers have more tricks up their sleeves than ever before. Whether it’s phishing emails, drive-by downloads, or old-fashioned malware, malicious attackers have a lot of options to try to exploit a company’s IT security. SolarWinds® Risk Intelligence scans systems not only for unsecured data, but for any potential vulnerabilities that an outside party might try to exploit.

Run Powerful Vulnerability Scans

Host-based scanning: Use host-based scanning to run vulnerability checks across devices on your networks without having to deal with permission issues per device.
Lightweight scans: Additionally, host-based scanning allows scans to run locally, avoiding drains on network resources.
Emerging threat discovery: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence leverages the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) database to uncover the latest threats. MSP Risk Intelligence syncs with the database every night so your vulnerability scans catch the latest threats..
Cross-device search: Root out potential vulnerabilities across networks, servers, workstations, applications, and mobile devices.

Uncover the Following Vulnerabilities

Unpatched software: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence will discover unpatched software across your networks, protecting you from threats.
E-mail: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence also scans Outlook files for known vulnerabilities and threats.
Mac and Windows operating systems vulnerabilities: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence covers all known malware threats registered with the CVSS database and runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux..
Threats from VPN connections: Configure scans to automatically run when a new or unknown device connects to your network.