SolarWinds – Permission Discovery

Help Ensure that Only the Right People Can Access Sensitive Data

It’s not uncommon for employees to have access to data that’s not essential to their jobs. In particular, smaller businesses where employees wear several hats often don’t change permissions when people switch roles. This can be dangerous—consider the scenario of an employee who used to handle payroll still having access to bank account records months after they switch departments. While few employees have bad intentions, businesses can’t afford to give too much access to the wrong employees. SolarWinds® Risk Intelligence scans your systems for sensitive data, then shows you exactly which users have access.

Discover Permission Issues

Inappropriate permission discovery: Discover permission mismatches with rich scans for sensitive data so you can help ensure that only the right people have access to the right information.
Multiple file types: Discover who has access to important text files, spreadsheets, emails, PDFs, and much more.
Granular permission scans: Set scans to locate users with read, write, execute, or special permissions.

Protect Yourself Against the Following Scenarios

Leaked payment data: Locate unsecured payment information collected by sales associates who work with clients.
Loss of protected health information: Protect health information that might be stored in human resource files.
Stolen customer lists: Help ensure that your customer details remain safe in the event ex-employees attempt to poach customers.
Compromised trade secrets: Discover vulnerabilities that could put intellectual property or trade secrets at risk.