SolarWinds – Payment Data Discovery

Protect Credit Card Data and Help Ensure PCI DSS Compliance

Perhaps one of the biggest nightmares for your clients would be to lose customer credit card information. Beyond the trust lost for the company in the marketplace, a business in this position could face lawsuits or hefty compliance fines. To combat this, the PCI DSS standards were created to protect consumers by having businesses adhere to security standards when handling transactions. SolarWinds® Risk Intelligence helps businesses tackle PCI DSS compliance by discovering payment information in even the hardest-to-locate areas. On top of that, SolarWinds Risk Intelligence scans work seamlessly for clients that operate across multiple locations and have multiple mobile devices under management.

Run Powerful Vulnerability Scans

PCI DSS required scans
: Perform PCI DSS internal vulnerability and Primary Account Number (PAN) scans using a simple, host-level authentication pattern.
Multiple supported device types: Scan for payment information across servers, workstations, and mobile devices..
Encryption for data-in-transit and data-at-rest: Encrypt transferred data via IPsec or SSL VPN tunnels, and secure data-at-rest without the need for a full public key infrastructure deployment..

Uncover the Following Vulnerabilities

Unpatched software: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence will discover unpatched software across your networks, protecting you from threats.
E-mail: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence also scans Outlook files for known vulnerabilities and threats.
Mac and Windows operating systems vulnerabilities: SolarWinds Risk Intelligence covers all known malware threats registered with the CVSS database and runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux..
Threats from VPN connections: Configure scans to automatically run when a new or unknown device connects to your network.