SolarWinds – Virtual Machine Backups

Backup and Restore from Virtual Machines

SolarWinds® Backup helps you protect and restore your virtual environments with host-level VMware backups and Hyper-V backups. 100% cloud-based, SolarWinds Backup helps to ensure you can easily perform granular restores of VMs to an existing or alternate virtual environment.


Native VMware integration: ​​​​​​Leverage full support for VMware ESX as well as VMware’s Changed Block Tracking to fully back up virtual machines.
Fast, efficient protection: SolarWinds Backup enables you to quickly and completely back up your virtual environments using our proprietary backup accelerator technology for Hyper-V and integration with VMware APIs.
Hot VM backups: Back up virtual machines even while they’re running.
Granular data protection: Recover everything in a virtual machine—from individual files to host servers to the complete VM.
Deduplication: SolarWinds Backup uses True Delta technology to back up changed data, giving you faster VMware backups and Hyper-V backups.
WAN optimization: Virtual machine backups are optimized using de-duplication and compression before transmission. These backups also use bandwidth throttling and automatic reconnection.
Redundancy: Backups can be stored both locally and in the cloud, providing instant data redundancy.
Cloud monitoring: All backups can be monitored from a single web-based dashboard.