SolarWinds – Hybrid Cloud Recovery

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Hybrid cloud backup and recovery is today’s hot ticket when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery. It allows you to maintain a level of disk backup in your shop, but have an additional tier in the cloud. This sounds simple, but to work properly you need the right technology that can keep these two backup systems in total sync. SolarWinds® Backup goes way beyond cloud backup solutions by giving you the powerful hybrid-cloud technology that leverages the best of both local and cloud-based backups.


Local speed vault
: Back up your data to the cloud and your local disk at the same time. The local storage tier can fit on a multitude of devices, including network share, USB drive, network attached storage, or even a user’s machine.
Rapid recovery: SolarWinds Backup automatically selects the fastest recovery source from either your local or cloud-based backups. For example, if your users work at a single site, we’ll often select local backups first for additional speed. However, if you have many users who work remotely, we’ll often choose cloud-based restores.
Reliable restores via redundancy: With the ability to perform both local and cloud-based restores, your data can always be restored even if an issue would prevent one source from restoring. For example, if local backups aren’t available due to an internal network issue, your cloud backups will be ready to go.
Backups that work: Even if you have connectivity issues, SolarWinds Backup’s hybrid cloud approach allows backups to remain in sync. For instance, if remote backups aren’t available due to an internet service disruption, the system will automatically cache your data and update the remote backups when the issues are resolved.