SolarWinds – File Versioning

Backup Often and Keep Files as Long as You Need

SolarWinds® Backup stores daily backups for 28 days by default. However, we know that some important files may not be edited daily, which could leave you with just a single version of crucial files. With SolarWinds Backup, you can set a minimum number of file versions to maintain so you’re never left depending on a single backup version of an important file.


Minimum storage number: SolarWinds Backup provides the power of file versioning software by allowing you to override the default storage retention rules for file backups and set a minimum number of versions to retain.
Hybrid-cloud storage: All data is stored both locally and in the cloud, giving you data redundancy and allowing data recovery even without a functioning internet connection.
Secure cloud storage: Everything is stored in one or more of our globally distributed data centers, each of which are either SSAE-compliant or ISO-certified.
Centralized monitoring: Check up on the status of your backups across multiple sites from a single web-based console.
Cross-platform compatibility: File versioning is available across both Windows and Mac OS X systems.