SolarWinds – Faster Backups and Restores

Windows with True Delta Technology

SolarWinds® Backup takes the complexity out of backups and changes recovery from an exhausting challenge to a simple reality. With SolarWinds Backup your initial backup is a complete copy of all your data. After that, we use True Delta deep deduplication, which sends only new data across the network to be backed up, allowing the system to deal with the delta between the existing backup and fresh data. Backup Accelerator uses these block-level changes to reduce backup windows and improve performance. Put together, these tools help ensure you can quickly restore from backup at any time without losing data.

True Delta Deduplication

Block-level changes: True Delta works at the block level, allowing it to transmit changes rather than the full file.
Compatible across platforms: True Delta processes block-level changes for large files, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and much more.
Better resource usage: By tracking only changes rather than full files, backups become so quick that they no longer have to be scheduled during off-hours.
More frequent backups: With shorter backup windows, you’re able to back up data more frequently, helping ensure that your backups are current.

Backup Accelerator

Enhanced backup performance: The Backup Accelerator in SolarWinds Backup decreases the backup time for large files when compared to regular file-level backups of the same data.
Large file support: By default, SolarWinds Backup keeps track of what has changed in selected files that are 5 GB or larger. This makes the backup of changes to databases in SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint, as well as changes to Outlook PST files, Outlook OST Files, and Hyper-V virtual machines as fast as traditional backups of changes to smaller files.
Full support for Windows: Backup Accelerator is supported on Windows 7 and higher on client machines and Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher on servers.