SolarWinds – Continuos Recovery

Restore Systems at Any Time—Even After a Disaster

Downtime can be lethal to a business. A single hour of downtime could cost a business a lot of money in terms of lost customer opportunities, reduced employee productivity, and labor costs to fix the issue. As a result, it’s absolutely crucial that businesses have the ability to recover a system to the last known point of data integrity. SolarWinds® Backup can continuously restore data to a standby virtual server that’s up to date and ready to go when disaster strikes.


Backup Accelerator: We track changes at the block level via our Backup Accelerator feature, allowing for lightweight and rapid backups. This makes it easier to back up more frequently, thereby minimizing data loss during a disaster.
Continuous recovery: Automatically update a standby system after the completion of each live server backup.
Minimum resource usage: All backups and restores are lightweight, keeping resource drain to a minimum.
Virtualization support: The system natively supports both VMware ESX and Hyper-V platforms.
Rapid recovery: SolarWinds Backup’s architecture allows you to recover to both physical and virtual servers. The system will automatically choose the fastest recovery source, giving you rapid and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery.
Easy monitoring: Quickly view the status of all backups using SolarWinds Backup’s web-based management console.
Secure cloud storage: SolarWinds Backup provides 24/7 data protection at global data centers that are all either SSAE-compliant or ISO-certified.