What are the next steps to upgrade your 3CX license to version 16?

With the exciting launch of V16, 3Cx changed some features for Standard edition licenses, so since the prices of Pro edition are lowered we strongly suggest to upgrade Standard Licenses into a PRO edition!

Renew your maintenance before 1st July and get your V16 upgrade free of charge – Keep your perpetual license and get the free Standard to PRO upgrade. To do this send us an email to orders@wjengland.com

What happens if you do nothing?

For Perpetual Licenses Not renewed: after the 1st of July, maintenance will expire and the following features will not be covered anymore and thus will stop working:

– 3CX Web meeting will be disabled
– Your 3CX FQDN will be deleted – remote workers will no longer be able to use 3CX outside of the office. 3CX will have to be installed on premise.
– No access to product updates
– No access to new phone firmwares
– No access to SIP trunk updates
– 3CX Smartphone apps will no longer be available and you will have to use the web client or an IP phone to make calls.
– 3CX Mail notifications will stop

Annual Free Licences:
The Free Standard licenses downloaded previously, with the V16 will loose some features like Queues, On demand recording, 3CX Windows App Office365 Contact Sync and more. See which features are included in the Standard and PRO edition and the new prices here.

The best demonstration that you take care of your customer is to prevent them from being left without the service it has had so far before the license is automatically updated!
They will certainly be grateful!

Questions? Contact us on sales@wjengland.com