3CX Installations & Support

3CX Installation

Our company offers a holistic project management service for all new 3CX installations, covering everything from supply, all the way through to implementation and ongoing support should you require it.

Projects and installations we cover

As an elite 3CX distributor we have a plethora of experience in designing and implementing phone systems for a range of differing business needs. Here are a few examples of 3CX installations we’ve performed:

  • Upgrading of existing phone systems (3CX or otherwise)

  • Office expansion or moves with additional premises

  • Multiple premises integration, consolidation and cost reduction

  • System monitoring, maintenance and support to maintain an optimal and healthy environment

  • End-user Service Desk support post project implementation

  • 3CX software sales, licenses, as well as the server hardware to run 3CX locally

  • Remote 3CX installations utilizing the cloud

It is important to note that we also offer services based on a hybrid solution of both cloud and local systems. We can manage the installation of any of these options for you.

ICT and Telephony Expertise

You will be in capable hands. Our telecoms division, specialises in telephony, so we have the spectrum of experience and knowledge to ensure the right outcome and to resolve any issues.

Tailor Made Solutions: Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, we’re here to help. Whether you prefer to fully outsource your 3CX installation or your existing IT team needs additional manpower or knowledge, we’re here to back you up.

Getting Started: We do our best to cater our explanation of the software to your exact technical level. Whether you’re the technically unfriendly or the CTO, we’ll be sure to package information in a way that’s suitable to you.

Planning: Once the initial discussions have been completed, a formal planning stage and site-survey will take place. This will help us to fully understand your exact requirements. Due to the fact that 3CX is software based, we will also assess whether your existing computing hardware is suitable to host the phone system. We will then recommend the best solution for you be it local or remote.

No Concealed Costs: Once you receive our quote, you will see that there are no hidden costs. Our sales model is built on transparency and fixed pricing. Our customers greatly appreciate this, which is mutually beneficial.

3CX Support

As experts in telephony and ICT, we're perfectly positioned to support all your 3CX phone system needs.

3CX 24×7 Monitoring: We will monitor your phone system 24x7x365 and will raise alerts with your contact of choice should anything go amiss or fail. Security updates and patches are included in this service. We can also provide you with reporting so that you can get an overview of what exactly is going on.

3CX Remote Support: Perhaps our most popular option – Remote management without limitations as well as telephone support for all your employees during office hours. We can also cover change requests such as new extensions should you wish to not worry about this responsibility yourself.

3CX Onsite Support: In addition to remote management and support, some clients like to include a pre stipulated amount of onsite hours each month. This is used to cover emergencies or other situations where having a fully trained 3CX engineer onsite is beneficial in troubleshooting as well as implementing improvements to the system. Particular clients also receive unrestricted onsite time. This gives you the peace of mind that a 3CX engineer is operating on your behalf at unlimited availability.

3CX Tailored Support: While offering all this, we still choose to remain flexible. Customer satisfaction is about making sure that YOU get the support you need for your 3CX system.

3CX Support options

We’re very flexible when supporting clients and can tailor packages to suit your individual requirements. Listed below are our most utilized support packages, but we’re happy to provide any additional service at your request.

What next?

Got a question you want answered? Then please contact us today via email or call +356 21248205 and we can work with you to arrange a demonstration at your own convenience.