Logic Now MaxFocus

MAXfocus is fully hosted, Managed Service Provider (MSP) platform with a comprehensive range of features that range across 4 key product areas; Remote Management, Backup, Mail Security and Service Desk.

MAXfocus key benefits

  • Alerting and viewing – get a 360 view of customers networks
  • Automated monitoring – spot problems early. Go fix them. Simple.
  • Custom scripting – script your own solutions
  • Patch management – with security guaranteed
  • Automated Maintenance – spend less time on mundan, routine tasks
  • Comprehensive reporting – proactively spot key trends and opportunities
  • ServiceDesk – fully integrated customer service. Made easy.

MAXfocus Key Features

  • Remote access – seamless secure maintenance
  • Managed AntiVirus – based on award-winning Vipre Antivirus Business
  • Managed online backup – fully hosted backup service enabled with a few clicks
  • Web Protection – protection from malware, phishing, proxies spyware, adware, botnets and spam
  • App Control – manage clients licenses, users and mailboxes
  • Windows System Tray – manage issues efficiently and reliably
  • Asset & inventory tracking – detailed client and hardware information from a single dashboard

MAXfocus is easy to use, fast to install and low effert to maintain and the value that MAXfocus delivers goes well beyond the software itself. So what are you waiting for? Download the
Free Trial today and experience the full benefits of effortless remote management and maintanence today