Managed Backup

Loosing your data can be detrimental. It can affect your company in so many ways that it should really be taken very seriously. It takes some companies years to rebuild what they have lost as a result of disaster, be it natural or otherwise. Managed backups are an integral part to any business.
Embarrassment and lack of trust become synonymous with your company’s reputation and rebuilding that could take far longer than simply reconstructing your company’s data. We take backups very seriously.
Managed Backup

Protecting Critical Information & More

Managed backup services will keep your data safe while mitigating risk of information loss and company data. This occurrence could easily take place, either via instances of human error or hardware failure. Having these mechanisms in place will :
  • Prevent data loss and revenue damages
  • Aid your business continuity plan

Who Could Benefit?

We offer a solution for each type of business with different price points at different levels of protection, depending on your size and spend. Solutions can also take place online in the form of Cloud Backup(effective, mainly for SMBs).

What Next?

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