Purple WiFi Solution

Purple Wi-Fi is a software that helps businesses connect with people who are in their venues, where your customers can use your wireless internet connection through major social networks.

How? Upon connecting to your WiFi, they choose the social media they want to login with, and connect to with a simple ‘Like’ at your venue’s social page.

What is they want to avoid or do not have Social Media? No problem, they can complete a simple and easy form.

Purple WiFi gives your customer quick WiFi access while allowing you to increase your Social followers , with the option of capturing customers details. What kind of license is best for you? Purple WiFi offers two type of license:

Foundation: It is the basic solution that gives you access to the Hotspot, via Socials login, generating likes and followers. It also gives you access to a visitor overview reports.
Enhanced: This solution adds all the marketing tools which allow you to send communication with different criteria like age, gender and type of Social used. Filter and export your data and send targeted email and sms. Manage social media directly through the Purple system updating your status. See the customers Social profiles and send friendship requests.This will enable you target specific clientele and will help increase your business exposure.With Enhanced you can also add Location license that allows you to track movement of your customers around the venue.
Choosing the best option for you, monitors and actively promotes your online business and gives you the opportunity to receive reviews from your customers through industry leading review sites.

Improve your business, enjoy the rewards….Contact us!

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