Cloud Anti-spam

William J England & Son Cloud based, enterprise class anti-spam solution will keep your business safe from spam, viruses, malware and other email-related risks.
Cloud Anti-spam

Cloud Anti-spam Protection

Put your mind at rest knowing that you are being covered by our Cloud Anti-spam service. It’s one of the many security services which we offer, either based in the cloud, locally or as a hybrid solution. Whether you’re an enterprise sized business or the smallest business on the block, we’ve got a solution for you.

Cloud Anti-Spam Features

Instant setup and protection
  • Setup in minutes, non-intrusive and works across different e-mail systems
  • Manage the system yourself or get us to handle it for you. Either way you’ll have the power to implement different settings for each user


  • Pay as you go, no up front fee- it’s that simple

Constant Protection

  • You can still access your emails using a web-based control panel, even if your own local email server goes down
  • Our Cloud anti-spam service is hosted using multiple Data Centres, so it’s going to have a negligible downtime, boasting 99.999 % uptime.

Other key features

  • Increases business efficiency by stopping the junk before it gets to your organization
  • Protects your company’s reputation by blocking inappropriate outbound messages at your discretion.
  • Message logging and search capabilities
  • User unique anti-spam preferences
  • Legal disclaimers can be added to all your outgoing e-mails
  • Simple, integrated email archiving in our secure hosted Data Centres available as an optional extra
  • PFalse-positive minimization
  • E-mail content policy management
  • Active Directory account synchronization
  • Expertly supported by William J England & Son 24/7 monitoring and Service Desk

What Next?

Got a question you want answered? Then please contact us today via email or call +356 21248205 and we can work with you to arrange a demonstration at your own convenience.