Htek solutions in Malta and Gozo

Htek, founded in 2005, has since focused exclusively on VoIP devices and has earned a reputation for quality products with an outstanding value..

The UC900 phone series represents Htek’s high quality level range of IP phones and delivers superb sound quality and a rich set of SIP telephony features. The UC900 series is the key to help small business to achieve more!.

Why WJ England for Htek Phones in Malta e Gozo?

The name William J England & Son Ltd being synonymous with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) through the renowned 3CX award winning software required the most technologically advanced voice quality devices to complement the it’s VOIP offer.

Due to their 3CX certification, affordability and reliability, Htek are the ideal choice for small and medium Maltese companies.

Our Resellers in Malta e Gozo will vouch for it: ask them to provide you with a quote!

Htek – Products

UC900 Series

Comparison Chart

UC 926E

<span class="light">UC</span> 926E

UC 924

<span class="light">UC</span> 924

UC 912

<span class="light">UC</span> 912

UC 926

<span class="light">UC</span> 926

UC 923

<span class="light">UC</span> 923

UC 903

<span class="light">UC</span> 903

UC 924E

<span class="light">UC</span> 924E

UC 912P

<span class="light">UC</span> 912P

UC 902

<span class="light">UC</span> 902

Htek – Accessories

Htek – UC46

<span class="light">Htek</span> – UC46

Htek – EHS30

<span class="light">Htek</span> – EHS30

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