3CX Licensing

Find out what you need to know about 3CX licensing and how we can help you select the best option.

3CX licensing what you need to know

One of 3CX’s key differentiators is that it’s pricing model isn’t based on a per user basis(apart from fully hosted options). Instead, it’s license is based on the amount of simultaneous calls which your company processes.

This means that extensions can be added at any time, without limitation or the need to upgrade.Depending on whether or not you need the advanced call center features you can choose to operate under the 3CX standard or 3CX pro version.There are various options which can be provided such with your 3CX solution, some of which are:

  • PBX onsite hardware

  • Fully Hosted

  • Virtual CLoud Solution

  • Colocation option which is preference dependant for remote hosting

3CX Phone System options

Whatever solution you choose, you need to buy a perpetual license based on the number of simultaneous calls you need to have at any given time. Standard options include: 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024.

In the case of fully hosted versions of 3CX licensing is charged a monthly or annual subscription cost.

Phone Systems

The two software packages of 3CX phone system are Standard and Pro.

  • 3CX Standard – already include the majority of features required by most businesses –This is different to our competitors strategy.

  • 3CX Pro – Targeted towards the Call centre environment and comes with bonus features lsuch as SLA notifications, Queue management options, software wallboards for monitoring calls, as well as integration with Microsoft Exchange for Unified Messaging and Directory Synchronisation.

3CX Pro Wallboard

Upgrades or additional Licenses

Whether you require licensing for new 3CX phone systems or upgrades for existing ones, we can help you either way. An Upgrade can consist simply of additional simultaneous call capacity, migrating from Standard to Pro, major new version upgrades, or for add-on modules.

It is important to note that fully hosted 3CX users do not need to worry about licensing since this is absorbed in their monthly costs. In the event that the customers choose to increase their call capacity this can be done by increasing their monthly/annual subscription package.

Addition/Optional add-on modules

There are a couple of other specialised add-ons:

  • 3CX WebMeeting – an intuitive web-based video conferencing solution that allows users create virtual meetings with just a few clicks of a mouse

  • CRM Integration – links in directly to applications such as Salesforce, Sage ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others.

  • Hotel Module – adds features systematically required for hotel phone systems.

3CX phone system is based on open standards and works with a wide range of 3rd party IP phones. 3CX also offers a free downloadable softphone for both iPhone and Android.

What next?

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