3CX Cloud

Gain all the features of the award winning 3CX phone system with minimal capital investment and benefit from flexible licensing opportunities by hosting it in the Cloud

What is hosted 3CX?

Traditionally a phone system (PBX) is installed directly on site (we refer to this a local solution). This is no longer the only option available – your 3CX phone system can now be hosted almost anywhere on the Internet. That being said, there are commercial and technical benefits and drawbacks to either approach.

Our Hosted 3CX solutions

We offer a choice of two different options when hosting your 3CX phone system, this includes:

1 – Fully Hosted 3CX

This is a fully hosted 3CX solution located in our partner data centres based on a dynamic subscription model:

  • No setup installation costs

  • Pay an annual fee based on a per user basis

  • Flexibility to add/remove users where needed

  • All software and hardware maintenance is entirely managed for you

  • Upgrades aren’t necessary – every aspect of 3CX is updated for you

  • Server hardware and licenses are part of the package – all you need to do is purchase handsets

  • Settings on your 3CX PBX can be managed remotely, but the hardware infrastructure is managed invisibly as part of the service

This is a good starting option to as the commitment in terms of costs and equipment is minimal.

2 – 3CX Cloud

Here you are able to purchase a virtual 3CX server from us directly therefore you will not have any physical hardware. The 3CX software licenses will be yours to own and have full control over your server is provided. We can cover hosting or you are able to utilize a location of your choice.

  • There is an up-front cost for software licenses and handsets – CAPEX rather than OPEX

  • Upgrades are available when needed at a price, say when you need to license additional users. You will not however have the granularity that  you would receive from the fully hosted option

  • Server and 3CX infrastructure can be provided/managed by us or you can choose to hosted this in a location of your choice.

At a particular price point, this will be more cost-effective for you vs the fully hosted option. We can work with you to figure that out. It is important to note that  you own the software too.

Benefit of Hosted 3CX

Here are some benefits that are common to all our 3CX Hosted options, and reasons why you might choose a Hosted solution vs a local installation :

No compromise on features

  • Other phone systems often limit the number of features available for their hosted solutions. However, with our 3CX hosted solution you won’t have to compromise – you’ll have accross the board access to all the enterprise level and communication features available in exactly the same way as the on-premise solution minus the hassle.


  • Since your 3CX system is located away from your premises, you will have improved performance and easier access from outside the office.

Fewer Infrastructural Demands

  • There will be minor need(If any) for new network infrastructure, or for any reconfiguration of what you already have in place.

Network Security

  • Your firewall and threat management systems can remain untouched which may not be the case when choosing an on-premise 3CX phone system.

Support Options

  • We offer a full range of monitoring, system maintenance and support packages to compliment your hosted 3CX phone system.

Easy Access for Troubleshooting

  • No IT system is perfect and unfortunately, sometimes issues can occur. When they do so during emergency out-of-hours we access to your 3CX phone system can be obtained without needing to call one of your key-holders in the night or a dash across town to open up the office.

Higher system uptime

  • Hosted 3CX options typically contain high availability systems and redundancy, meaning that most critical components are redundant and will fail-over if necessary to minimise the risk of down time.

Which Hosted solution is a right fit?

The most effective hosted option for you depends on a couple of broad considerations. These include:

  • Payment options

  • Scalability

  • Hardware and License considerations

  • The level of control and required granularity

If you’re uncertain which is the best solution for your business, please contact us to speak to one of our 3CX experts who are more than happy to advise.

IT and telecoms expertise

We have experience and expertise in multiple sub disciplines of IT and telecoms and are uniquely positioned to deliver all your phone line and connectivity requirements, in addition to your IT needs.

We can provide you with everything that you require to ensure that your 3CX hosted phone system is robust and delivers optimum performance to fully meet the needs of your business.

What next?

Got a question you want answered? Then please contact us today via email or call +356 21248205 or contact one of our certified partners listed here.