SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management (Cloud)

No one loves juggling multiple pieces of software. SolarWinds RMM gives you a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently secure, maintain, and improve IT in a single dashboard, including:

– Patch management
– Web protection
– Prescriptive data analytics
– Data breach risk intelligence
– Managed antivirus
– Remote access
– Automated monitoring and maintenance
– Backup and recovery
And more

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Active Discovery

<span class="light">Active</span> Discovery



Automation and Scripting

<span class="light">Automation</span> and Scripting

Remote Monitoring

<span class="light">Remote</span> Monitoring

Patch Management

<span class="light">Patch</span> Management

Data-Driven Insights

<span class="light">Data-Driven</span> Insights

Remote Access

<span class="light">Remote</span> Access

Premium Additional Features

Managed Antivirus

<span class="light">Managed</span> Antivirus

Web Protection

<span class="light">Web</span> Protection

Risk Intelligence

<span class="light">Risk</span> Intelligence

Mobile Device Management

<span class="light">Mobile</span> Device Management

Backup and Recovery

<span class="light">Backup</span> and Recovery

Service Desk

<span class="light">Service</span> Desk